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We are the champions

my friend

11/1/04 10:47 am - queitisticscar

I haven't written in here in a long time so I thought I'd see how you all were doing. Went to the Relient K concert this passed Friday and yeah buddy it was one kickass concert. It was nice to see alot of ppl my style and not all them ghetto jibbies for once. I actually saw ppl I knew there that I hadnt seen in forever so that was nice. Andrew Jackson says hi comstock and then a bunch of other ppl you dont know. I met alot of cool ppl too. There were so many emo and punk kids there tho it was crazy. Then you had your few retarded ppl and fucking annoying ones...especially some of the parents. But yeah met some kids from portage northern, central, kalamazoo, and what not. This one kid was really cool. He was REALLY emo tho lol. Like when we were waiting in the pit for everything to get started this kid was behind us and his group was in front of us. Well he wanted to get in front of us, but he was terrified to ask us to move lol. So finally I told him he could go through and we got to talking. I think his name was Seth...i dont remember lol, but he was pretty cool. Then there was the I <3 J C kid lol. He was one crazy mother fucker. Plus more ppl that I dont feel like mentioning lol. Well I'm done rambling on for now. Hope you guys are good pz

10/24/04 08:40 pm - darkness_creeps

...eh...everything is so messed up right now..

10/19/04 06:41 pm - gymnastbabi1640

Yeah! Go Shannon and Andrew's community! But anyways, Today was fun. I actually got to come home on a BuS! I didn't have cheer practice today. The only fallback of that is we have a 4 hour practice on Sunday! Yip Hee! Love Amanda!

10/16/04 04:30 pm - xdeadonarrival4 - Cheer up emo kid.

Yo tengo grande pingaCollapse )

10/16/04 03:13 pm - darkness_creeps

o man u guys should b proud of me...I finally broke up w\ my b\f...I know I know..doesnt seem like much..but it took alot out of me...o man...I'm bored..listening to a everything in my real player library...right now I'm listening to The Ataris..ne ways...I was just wondering what this community is about..I mean..there are a alot of communitys..some are for bands, some are for those who si, some are for shows..so I was just wondering what this one was about..just a random community we felt should b made?...if so thats pretty damn rad lol..o yea well thats enough for me...i feel like posting a new poem...


AngelsCollapse )

10/13/04 12:46 pm - queitisticscar - Emo Kid

Emo Kid :) <3 :(

Happy on the outside
yet crying within
Pain and despair
lie under your skin
Hide from the world
your emotions are bound
Sit in your room
with the music up loud
It hurts so much
this loneliness inside
And one time I swear
i saw tears in your eyes
Feels like nobody cares
they just don't understand
Like there's no one around
to grab hold of your hand
You my cut or do drugs
or just want to die
Lay down in your bed
every night and you cry
But I know how you feel
I've been through too
I cry all the time
seeing the pain you go through
So why not let go
of all the troubles inside?
Don't you know I'm here
to wipe the tears from your eyes
Why do you continue
to seek this loneliness in your heart?
Don't you know I've always loved you
even from the start?

10/11/04 07:43 pm - queitisticscar - Application

5 favorite bands:Smiling Empty Soul, TBS, Dynamite Boy, YellowCard, Diffuser...lots more
5 Least favorite bands:Beastie Boys, Most Rap, Yeah x3, ....more can't think of any right now
5 Favorite TV shows:Boy Meets World, MTV, Disney, Fairly Odd Parents, Comedy Central
Republican or Democrat:they're all dumbasses
sXe or no:...shh its a secret...
Likes:writing, music, the crew, hangin out, apple juice
Dislikes:liars, ghetto ppl, clowns, stoners, jibbies

10/11/04 03:48 pm - xsomber_tearsx - LJ cuts

Put your application under an LJ cut.

It's not hard to figure out how.

<*lj-cut text="whatever the hell you want it to say"*> (without the stars)

10/10/04 07:10 pm - endsville_burns - oops, kind of forgot this...

Name: Matthew Ryan Williams

Location: Livonia, MI

5 favorite bands: Radiohead, The Good Life, Elliott Smith, Bright Eyes, the Smiths

5 Least favorite bands: Linkin Park, Blink 182, Metallica, Marilyn Manson, Metal Church

5 Favorite TV shows: ummm, Law and Order: SVU, Fairly Odd Parents, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, thats about all I watch

Republican or Democrat: undecided

sXe or no: not sure what this is asking

Likes: music, movies, writing, literature, photography, badminton, tennis, girls

Dislikes: homophobics, testosterone charge males, metal music, baseball

Picture of yourself (optional):


10/10/04 04:43 pm - mooshapaka - cheer up emo kid




5 favorite bands:the used<3,TBS,Bowling for Soup,Smile empty soul,puddle of mudd

5 Least favorite bands:linkin park,i seriously cant think of ne one else

5 Favorite TV shows:road rules,real world,the grim adventures of billy and mandy,south park,mad tv

Republican or Democrat:neither im an individual

sXe or no:at the moment

Likes:the used,dennis,kissing,my computer,funky glasses,butts,chicken lol,my combat knee high boots

Dislikes:sluts,people who call people goth/punk/whatever,bad breath lol,mountain dew,poser skaters

Picture of yourself (optional):

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