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Hey now...well hmmm what do I want to write about. I'm a little down lately and yet really happy at the same time. It saddens me that no one has commented at all lately, cept bree yay, but yes I feel unloved. Especially today since I was KILLED!! Yeah we played mafia at youth group tonight it was fun. Steve is one of my new found best friend. He's pretty cool. Everything is ok, but I can't get rid of this feeling I'm having. I know something is gonna happen....its gonna be bad. I think I know what its about, but I dont want to say for fear of jinxing it and pissing someone off. It sucks tho. Kari and I are talking alot more lately and its nice. Talking to Bree more too she's so cool. She's really funny. Well yesturday was my Gotcha Day. For those losers who don't know its the day I arrived in these here United States. 16 years as of Nov. 2nd. Crazy huh. But yeah....been writing alot of peoms lately too. They're ok, but I think they could be better. I want to write a story and I have a few ideas, but I dont know how to start. Well I'm gonna go...have some stuff to deal with bye
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